We now have 6 Sankosha Pressing machines! The single operating cycle provides high-quality finishing of the shirt body, shoulder, yoke, sleeves and sleeve tucks on both the shirt's front and back. We can handle 60 shirts an hour!

Our new Bwe K18 Multisolvent machine uses Halogen-free Hydrocarbon which is non-harmful to the environment ... this means that we can handle leathers and polyesters as gently and safely as dress shirts and tabeclothes.

• Great interchange of solutions, goods
• Water drains freely
• Water escapes from goods quickly
• Spacious wash cylinders, greater action
• Fast process time reduces fabric wear, extends life

Featuring Speed Queen's MicroMaster™ System which
we program for a wide range of laundering options and
consistent results. The machines deliver optimum results
no matter which operator does the work, or when!

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